About NISSI Micro Programming Laboratory

NMPL is an Embedded domain based project zone to learn about ARDUINO and 8051 based microcontrollers with sensor interface modules and communication protocols also useful to complete final semester UG/PG engineering and polytechnic students.


We can guide projects and conduct embedded courses for Electronics and communication engineering, Electrical and Electronics engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation engineering, Mechatronics and Embedded systems in UG and PG level in Engineering and polytechnic students.

Courses offered

Courses will be conducted by developing Embedded C language and the following Integrated Development Environment.

  1. Arduino Course
  2. 8051 Course
  3. Printed Circuit Board Art Design
Arduino Course 8051 Course
1.     Arduino Nano

2.     Arduino Uno

3.     Arduino Mega

4.     Libraries

5.     Arduino IDE

6.     Fritzing

7.     Proteus ISIS

1.     PHILIPS P89V51RD2

2.     SST 89E51RD2

3.     NUVOTON W78E052DDG

4.     Keil IDE

5.     Proteus ISIS

Integrated Development Environment and Design Software

IDE and Compliers

  • Arduino IDE
  • Keil Microvision4

Simulator and Design

  • Proteus ISIS
  • Proteus ARES
  • Fritzing

What we can provide to students?

  1. Arduino UNO / MEGA2560 / NANO / LILLYPAD
  2. Arduino Clone Boards
  3. Arduino Shields
  4. 8051 Development Board
  5. All types of Sensors
  6. Actuators
  7. Communication Protocol Modules
  8. Protocol Cables
  9. Jumper Cables
  10. Power Adapters
  11. Displays


  1. We will provide guidance at Embedded domain related projects with skill based training on Embedded C and various Microcontrollers and integrated development environment.
  2. Projects will be designed and developed by Arduino based and 8051 family microcontrollers.
  3. IEEE paper based projects are also guided.
  4. 100% output will be sure.