1. We provide excellent wide area skill based knowledge about the listed Microcontrollers for those who want to pursue embedded related courses.
a) Arduino UNO
b) Arduino Nano
c) Arduino Mega2560
d) Arduino Lillypad
e) Philips NXP P89V51RD2
g) SST 89E516RD
2. Students can be able to improve and expose their basic and fundamental technical skill in Embedded system domain and shine themselves when they will complete their professional courses.
3. Students can learn minimum
a) Three microcontrollers and development boards based on Arduino and 8051
b) Five communication protocols(RF,SPI,IIC,GSM,GPS)
c) One Integrated development Environment(Arduino IDE and KEIL Micro Vision)
d) Two circuit simulation software (Proteus ISIS and Fritzing)
e) Ten Sensor Interfacing
f) Eight IC Modules
4. We ignite their innovative ideas and improve their self confidence in Electronics and Embedded domains through Embedded C and Microcontrollers.